Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence


If you have ever used a virtual assistant such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Amazon’s Alexa and asked how these tools understand human language? That is machine learning at work. How do they carry out our voice instructions as a human does? That is artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the computer technology that makes it possible for machines to act like humans. I.e. demonstrate some levels of human-like intelligence. One of the ways that machines can attain this level of intelligence is through Machine Learning.  Machine learning processes a vast amount of data to analyse and interpret patterns and structures in data to enable learning, reasoning, and decision-making outside human interaction.

Machine learning is one of the subsets of Artificial Intelligence. It utilises a vast amount of data (both structured and unstructured) to make intelligent decisions and predict the future. Machine Learning is enabled by access to a vast amount of data and computing power, making it possible to develop machine learning models on a larger scale. 

Career and Industry Opportunities
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills are relevant across all careers and industries where data entry, extraction and processing are required. Leading among these industries are Agribusiness, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Marketing, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Sales & Retail, the Public sector, Telecommunications, and Human Resources & Staffing.

Industry Education Programmes to Get Started
You can get the skills required from the learning resources of the following technology companies:


Dataiku is a platform for everyday AI—using data for exceptional business results. Organisations use...

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service accelerating and managing the machine learning project... is a leading AI cloud company on a mission to democratise Artificial Intelligence for...

Google AI

Autodesk makes software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction...
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Competitions and Project Opportunities

  • Google AI Impact Challenge grantees: a competition that allows organisations worldwide to submit their ideas for how they could use AI to help address societal challenges. Learn more.
  • Room-Across-Room (RxR): A dataset and competition for large-scale multilingual vision-and-language navigation. Learn more.
  • Wildfire & Bushfire Challenge: a challenge that explores different solutions in building wildfire & bushfire prediction models. Learn more
  • Microsoft Azure Developer League: this is a guided, time-bound learning challenge built upon the Microsoft Learn interactive training platform. It helps developers build in-demand skills to advance their careers in cloud development while preparing them to earn a Microsoft Certification. Learn more.

Internship, Job and Business Opportunities
See digitalisation and leading employers featured across all industries. These include Agribusiness, Construction, Hospitality & Tourism, Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, Industrials & Manufacturing, Real Estate, pharmaceuticals, Retail & Sales, Oil & Gas, Energy, Sustainability, Healthcare, Aviation, and Media on the Industry Portal.

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