Enabling Student Skilling and Transitions for Lifelong Success
Bridgia provides resources, assessments, and programmes to support student academic and career success through institutional and industry partnerships.
A Growing Network of Institutional and Industry Partnerships

Interactive Assessments to Discover Skill Gaps

Bridgia provides a series of assessments on academic and employability skills such as digital proficiency, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving. Students receive personalised reports and schools have access to campus-wide reports to find institutional skill gaps.

Readiness Programmes to Support Transitions

Bridgia provides readiness programmes to support students and institutions in transitioning into higher education and the industry. Graduates of these programmes have access to resources for lifelong academic and professional success.

Access to Career Communities, Resources, and Opportunities

Graduate of our programmes become part of Student and Career Communities with access to work opportunities and interactive sessions with professionals and graduate recruiters in the industry to build their network. They can also join specific tracks such as finance, technology, marketing etc.

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