Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Industry Education Programme

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service accelerating and managing the machine learning project lifecycle. Machine learning professionals, data scientists, and engineers can use it in their day-to-day workflows: Train and deploy models and manage MLOps.

Students can create a model in Azure Machine Learning or use a model built from an open-source platform, such as Pytorch, TensorFlow, or scikit-learn. In addition, MLOps tools help monitor, retrain, and redeploy models.

The industries include Automotive, Information Technology, Energy, Banking, Insurance, Public Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Media, NGOs, Retail and Transportation. Professionals that use it are; Accountants, HR managers, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, etc.

Azure Machine Learning provides students and educators with training, deploying, managing, and monitoring machine learning models. Learn how to use the Azure Machine Learning Python SDK to create and manage enterprise-ready ML solutions on the Azure learning platform.

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Azure provides Students with a free account and also free tools from And also develop web and mobile app scenarios, access and download professional developer software and sign up without a credit card.

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Softwares provided by Azure Machine Learning are Azure Bot Services, Azure Machine Learning, Face API, Customer Vision and many more.

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Microsoft Azure Developer League: this is a guided, time-bound learning challenge built upon the Microsoft Learn interactive training platform. It helps developers build in-demand skills to advance their cloud development careers while preparing them to earn a Microsoft Certification. Learn more: 


Depending on your goals, you may choose to master the basics with the Azure Data Fundamentals certification or level up with the Azure AI Engineer Associate, Azure Data Scientist Associate, or Azure Developer Associate certifications. 

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