Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing with Dassault Systemes

Industry Education Programme

The use of computers to aid in creating, modifying, analysing, or optimising a design is known as computer-aided design (CAD). CAD applications are used to increase the designer’s productivity, improve design quality, improve communication through documentation, and create a database for manufacturing.

Dassault Systemes provides virtual worlds that allow their clients to create innovative experiences for their customers. They aim to achieve a new development model to address today’s world’s major challenges.

Dassault Systems are a science-based company providing solutions for innovation by using various branches of science— mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and geology—to give knowledge and find the most innovative, long-term solutions. Dassault Systems have led the global field in multidisciplinary, multiscale solutions for the past 30 years. 

Dassault Systems provides insight into sustainability, design, manufacturing, science, cloud, and virtual twin experience.

The industries include Construction, Industrial & Manufacturing, Retail & Sales, Logistics & Transport, Energy, Fashion & Lifestyle, Healthcare, Biotech/ Life Science and Cybersecurity. In addition, it is used by Architects, Engineers, Product Designers, Designers, Developers, Boxers, Musicians, Seamstresses, guitar makers, Dancers, and Runners.

Dassault Systèmes (3DS) provides the academic world with learning opportunities in the latest 3D and PLM technology. 3DS promotes the advancement of excellence in all aspects of engineering, engineering technology and design while fostering innovative student projects and professors’ educational practices. Engineering and design students want to express their talent and find the job of their dreams.

Academia has the same challenges as industry to innovate cleaner and safer products by considering the environment. The 21st-century professionals of now and tomorrow contribute to creating new ideas thanks to 3DS solutions that facilitate product design innovations.

Students must also develop PLM skills to prepare for the 21st-century job market and access the best and largest employment opportunities. 


3D Experience for education empowers students with next-gen industry solutions: a brand-new package including Apps, Learning Content and Community! Starting at less than 30€ per student for the classroom.

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Project of the Year Contest: University students Compete in design and 3d experience challenges every year, and the top 3 designs are chosen.


Worldwide Competition: Join a global competition for vocational skills in various disciplines. Link:,  

Designed for candidates with essential knowledge and skills during learning activities who are ready to enter the job market or improve their skills to obtain better-paid job opportunities and increased recognition. 

Cost: $60 for Students.


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