Blockchain and Web3


You may have heard of bitcoins. Like other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins are powered by blockchain technology.  Blockchain is a distributed, duplicated digital ledger of all transactions that runs via the network of computers. Web3, which is believed to be the next stage of the web’s development, exists on Blockchain technology. The novelty of this technology is the development of trustworthy platforms for everyone while being controlled by no single body.

The benefit of Web3 is that it makes an effort to solve the most critical issue that Web2 brought about; the collection of personal data by private networks that are then sold to advertisers or may even be stolen by hackers. This technology helps secure all your information as an individual or a business owner. Businesses and individuals no longer need to rely on traditional financial networks linked to governments. They need not be constrained by various country laws and regulations—thanks to Blockchain and Web3 technology. 

Career and Industry Opportunities
Blockchain development is relevant in many industries. These include Agribusiness, Arts & Culture, Development & Sustainability, Finance, Insurance, and Retail.

Industry Education Programmes to Get Started
You can get the skills required from the learning resources of the following technology companies:

NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a scalable blockchain software company that provides the performance and user...


ConsenSys is a leading Ethereum software company which enable developers, enterprises, and people...
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Competitions and Project Opportunities

  • MBA Blockchain Venture Competition: An annual competition that brings MBA students together in interdisciplinary teams from law and design to medicine and engineering to develop product ideas and compete to win venture capital funding. Learn more.

  • Near Protocol 12 Days 12 Challenges: This is a challenge for 12 days with different daily challenges. Learn more.

Internship, Job and Business Opportunities
See employers in Banking, Insurance, Information Technology, Lifestyle, Development & Sustainability, and Higher Education industries on the Industry portal.

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