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Unity3D is the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content. They empower creators across industries and around the world. The company values inform how they do their jobs and treat each other daily while helping them make the right decisions for their customers, partners, and collaborators.

The company believes the world is a better place with more creators. This is at the core of their business because they believe their technology can change the world. Their products give content creators the tools to not just entertain but to create innovative RT3D experiences and deliver better processes for almost every industry.

The industries include Sport & Leisure, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail & Sales, Cybersecurity, Film and Media. And those professionals that use it include Engineers, Architects, creative designers, game designers, Film directors, data analysts, etc.

Students can access the real-time 3D development platform and workflows that professionals use to create immersive experiences across industries.

Unity Student includes five seats of Unity Teams Advanced, letting students work together on school projects more quickly. Features include project collaboration and history, cloud storage, automatic cloud builds, and integrations with popular project and build notifications tools.


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Unity is free for students enrolled at accredited educational institutions. And they have access to a selection of high-quality, modular assets developed by top industry creators.

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Software provided by Unity3D includes Unity Pro, Unity Plus, Unity Ads, Plastic SCM Cloud Edition, etc. 

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Unity Forma Challenge: This challenge showcases creators’ skills in building an interactive, real-time 3D product configurator using Unity Forma. For more information, visit


Unity certifications test the core skills needed for a variety of roles so that you can validate your expertise and showcase your readiness for your next professional career move.

Unity3D offers Certified Users entry-level certifications that validate their foundational skills in Unity and ability to create interactive, real-time 3D experiences.

Candidates for this exam must have at least 150 hours of Unity training to obtain the certification. The exam duration is 50 minutes, 30 minutes and 50 minutes.

Are you interested in a training on this programmes? You can join the next cohort of students who will develop their skills, work on projects, and connect to work opportunities in this industry programme.

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