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UiPath is a robotic process automation software company that uses the power of automation to liberate the boundless potential of people. A world with a robot for every person is their goal. They encourage the best minds to contribute and create the next leap in RPA.

UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities and technologies like AI, Process Mining, and Cloud to enable every organisation to scale digital business operations rapidly.

The industries include Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Public Service, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Sales & Retail, Telecommunications, and Human Resources & Staffing. It is used by Engineers, Product Managers, Sales Marketers, Accountants, Human Resources managers, Business Analysts and Customer Relation Officers.

UiPath is on a mission to enable everyone to learn automation skills for the future by offering free automation education via UiPath Academy and with different programmes such as UiPath Academics and UiPath Community Edition. UiPath student Developer academy aims to empower and upskill student communities with the most sought-after robotic process automation (RPA) skills. Along with learning technology, students will also get an opportunity to network and hone their leadership skills.

The UiPath Student Developer Program revolves around UiPath student champions. UiPath student champions are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and multitasking student leaders who lead the UiPath student developer on their campus. These champions will be guided, mentored, and trained on RPA tools and empowered to take this knowledge to the larger student community. They are committed to building a strong community of students equipped with RPA tools and making them ready to build the future!

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Student developers access the latest tech tools, resources, and knowledge. Grow their network and technical abilities by working with like-minded students from different institutions. In addition, they are mentored by automation experts from the industry, from UiPath employees to UiPath MVPs.  

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Along with learning technology, students will get to network and hone their leadership skills by joining student developer communities where connections are forged, and they can collaborate with like-minded and passionate students from diverse institutions to exchange ideas and work on projects.

UiPath award for every year: Through the UiPath Automation Awards, they support the development of innovative business ideas and foster the capacity to scale brilliant teams and entrepreneurs.


UiPath Certified Professional is a high-stakes certification program for career advancement in robotic process automation (RPA) solutions across industries. Globally recognised RPA credentials strengthen professional standing and increase job efficiency and satisfaction.


General Track is for anyone who works with the UiPath Platform and requires solid technical knowledge and skills​.

$150 for 90 minutes.

Are you interested in a training on this programmes? You can join the next cohort of students who will develop their skills, work on projects, and connect to work opportunities in this industry programme.

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