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Mendix is about elevating everyone to become business makers and setting them free to create transformational things. Mendix was founded to solve frustration with the complexity of custom software development, which is siloed, slow and consistently fails to deliver intended business results. As a result, they had to fundamentally reimagine and elevate the traditional roles played by Business and IT teams in the app development process.

In a world hyper-obsessed with inputs and processes, they wanted to create a new way so teams could rapidly and continuously translate their ideas into real business value. So they created an app platform that allows your whole organisation to participate and collaborate in the application development process, enabling businesses to unleash their best ideas quickly with software.

The industries include Manufacturing & Industrials, Finance, Energy, Logistics, Insurance,  Automotive, Fintech, Life sciences, Retail, Public Sector, and Higher Education. And those professionals that use it include Accountants, Engineers, Scientists, Sales Representatives, Project Managers, Public Servants, Educators etc.

Mendix allows students to foster a valuable skill set within the industry to ensure their readiness to find a job once they graduate.

The Mendix application platform in the information technology classroom allows students to experience the agile development process and quickly create a simple web application. As a result, students can appreciate current software development methodologies and tools they otherwise might not see until later in their studies.

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Mendix Academy offers online learning paths to build your skills. And Mendix University empowers students to build web and mobile apps in the classroom or anywhere without coding. In addition, they offer free resources for students. 

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Software provided by Mendix includes Mendix FSM, SAML, Mendix Application Test Suite, and Blank Web App.

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Mendix Student App Challenge: This competition allows students to build their App with Mendix and then post a link to the Global Student Challenge group in the Siemens Digital Industries Software community. 

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The Mendix Developer Certification Program will help boost student careers by validating their knowledge, skill level, and contributions to the Mendix community. A certification obtained at the Rapid Developer, Intermediate Developer, Advanced Developer and Expert Developer levels contributes to your ranking and visibility and will be directly visible to the Mendix community.

Rapid Developer Certification: A rapid Developer has baseline knowledge of the Mendix platform and knows where to find information using the documentation and forum. This certification proves basic Mendix knowledge and demonstrates that a developer can join a project team and independently build prototypes. 

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