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Mapbox is a software development company leading a real-time location platform for a new generation of location-aware businesses. Mapbox is the only platform that equips organisations with the tools to power the navigation of people, packages, and vehicles everywhere.

More than 3.5 million registered developers have chosen Mapbox because of the platform’s flexibility, security and privacy compliance. Organisations use Mapbox applications, data, SDKs and APIs to create customised and immersive experiences that delight their customers.

The industries include Retail, Logistics, Public Service, Automotive, Media, Agribusiness, Telecomm, Real Estate, E-commerce and NGOs. And those professionals that use it include; Sales Representatives, Filmmakers, Public servants, Engineers, Presenters etc.

Mapbox Education is the best for students to learn, work with and integrate nicely with other open source technology. They have lots of great tutorials and a supportive education team.

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Working with Mapbox introduces students to cutting-edge tools that will serve them well whether they want to focus on design or more engineering-related work in the future. Mapbox offers students across disciplines their platform offers. For example, they can design beautiful maps in Mapbox Studio and develop interactive web maps with Mapbox GL JS. In addition, they can use Mapbox APIs and kits to build location-based games and mobile apps. Mapbox is free for educational use.

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Software provided by Mapbox includes Maps, Mapbox GLJS, Boundaries, Static Maps, Vision, Atlas, etc. 

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Elections Mapping Challenge: this contest is an opportunity to create interactive maps, data visualisation, or application related to local or national election-related issues.

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Maptober mapping challenge: Mapboxers will deliver live demonstrations that help users leverage the power of vector tiles to create beautiful, performant maps.

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