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Esri is a global leader in developing geographic information system software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.

ESRI software is deployed in over 350,000 organisations, including the world’s largest cities and national governments. In addition, ESRI builds software like ArcGIS software and apps that combine mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organisations of all sizes.

The industries include Construction, Banking, Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail & Sales, Higher Education, Oil & Gas, Energy, Sustainability, Healthcare, Aviation, Media, Marketing, and Public Service. Professionals that use it are; Accountants, Educators, Engineers, Architects, Sales Representatives, etc.

Esri is here to help throughout your career, providing geographic information system (GIS) tutorials and learning resources, showcasing student projects, and connecting you to a diverse user community that can mentor and inspire you.

ESRI offers students and educators opportunities to learn everywhere, from podcasts and massive open online courses to conferences and mentoring.

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ESRI provides students access to a full range of ArcGIS capabilities to create rich, dynamic maps and Apps. 

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Software provided by ESRI includes ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS GeoBIM, ArcGIS Indoors, ArcGIS Mission, etc.

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An Esri technical certification can help establish credibility that fuels personal, professional, and business growth.

Requirement; For individuals who want to validate their GIS, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS Online skills. $250 for each certificate.

Are you interested in a training on this programmes? You can join the next cohort of students who will develop their skills, work on projects, and connect to work opportunities in this industry programme.

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