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Growers who produce food and companies that provide inputs, farm equipment, advisory services, trade, process, and package produce as food and raw materials...


Firms that provide advisory, capacity building, and expert services—in business functions such as finance, strategy, management, IT, human resources...

Development & Sustainability

Local and international organisations, government agencies and departments, volunteer groups and charities; that manage, advise and fund initiatives...

Digital Marketing

Providers of services to engage audiences, promote ideas, products and services through digital channels to convert...


Publicly and privately owned schools, service providers and platforms that facilitate instruction and training delivery for human capacity development...

Fashion & Lifestyle

Providers and promoters of lifestyle products and services: ranging from clothing, food and drinks, events, luxury brands to arts and culture...


Makers, producers, promoters, and distributors of videos via direct sales, cinemas and streaming platforms to engage, entertain, and inform...


Healthcare organisations and practitioners that provide medical and wellness products, services, and solutions for the wellbeing and care of patients...

Human Resources & Staffing

Business support organisations; that provide workforce solutions ranging from recruitment drives, job placement, training, compensation to exit...

Information Technology

Firms that develop, distribute, implement and manage the operations of; software, hardware, semiconductor components, networks, and delivery of IT services...


Companies that produce, fabricate, and process raw materials and commodities into products including; foods, chemicals, textiles, machines, and equipment..

Marketing Communications & Advertising

Firms and agencies; that provide communication solutions to businesses to promote their ideas, products and services, and citizen engagement...


Broadcasting and publishing firms that inform and engage audiences by collecting and distributing information through print, radio, television, and internet...


Companies and individuals involved; in drug research, development, discovery, production, marketing and dispensing for care and patient wellness...

Public Service

Government ministries, departments, agencies and publicly funded organisations; that deliver social services to citizens and manage public...

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You can see the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry sample.

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You can access Company Profiles as one of the sections to explore from your login homepage or visit here.

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