Africa's Priority Industries

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Growers who produce food and companies that provide inputs, farm equipment, advisory services, trade, process, and package produce as food and raw materials...


Designers, manufacturers, and assemblers of automobiles, components and mobility solution providers for transport and logistics service...


Publicly and privately owned schools, service providers and platforms that facilitate instruction and training delivery for human capacity development...


Companies that produce energy from fossil fuels and renewables; market to retailers as products, and distribute to utility companies...

Extractives; Mining & Exploration

Companies; that exploit and extract natural resources such as oil, precious metals and other natural minerals from the earth and ocean beds...


Service providers of digitally-enabled financial services such as advisory, payment, fund transfer, investments, and spending analytics...


Healthcare organisations and practitioners that provide medical and wellness products, services, and solutions for the wellbeing and care of patients...

Hospitality & Tourism

Hotels, event companies, travel and tour providers that manage guest experiences for leisure, business, cultural exchange, education...

Information Technology

Firms that develop, distribute, implement and manage the operations of; software, hardware, semiconductor components, networks, and delivery of IT services...


Companies that produce, fabricate, and process raw materials and commodities into products including; foods, chemicals, textiles, machines, and equipment..

Oil & Gas

Companies and service providers; in the exploration of crude oil and natural gas, transportation, refining and marketing as energy and petroleum products...

Real Estate

Companies, agencies and service providers; that develop, buy, sell, rent, and manage land and properties for residential and commercial purposes...

Transport & Logistics

Transport and supply chain companies; that facilitate the movement of people, cargo and items from one location to another via land, air and sea transport...

Waste Management

Companies and service providers; that manage the collection, transportation, processing, disposal and recycling of residential and industrial waste...

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You can see the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry sample.

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You can access Company Profiles as one of the sections to explore from your login homepage or visit here.

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For a sample, view the Fintech industry.