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Communication & Persuasion

The ability to express yourself clearly in writing, speaking and other forms of communication. It encompasses being able to listen actively, read with understanding...

Analysis & Problem-Solving

This is the ability to understand and break down a situation, understand the challenges, identify the key elements and issues and suggest solutions while...

Initiative & Enterprise

The ability to independently spot opportunities, come up with new ideas, access their commercial viability and follow through on them without waiting for external...

Planning & Organization

The ability to identify what needs to be done, prioritize tasks based on how and when they should be done in the short and long term, set up structures for getting...

Networking & Teamwork

The ability to build relationships and work smoothly with people other from different disciplines, backgrounds, and expertise to accomplish a task or goal while respecting...

Continual Learning & Adaptation

The ability to embrace uncertainty, be driven by curiosity, and readiness to learn on the job, openness to feedback from others for making improvements, while being...​

Numeracy & Financial Literacy

The ability to work with numbers; interpret numerical data, communicate your ideas quantitatively, understand financial reports and terminologies, while being...

Self Awareness & Management

This is the ability to assess yourself, build confidence in your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and remain emotionally intelligent to perform under pressure and...

Critical Thinking & Creativity

This is the ability to reason clearly, rationally, laterally imaginatively, and understand the relationships between ideas while leveraging these thought processes to come...

Professionalism & Industry Awareness

This is an embodiment of personal skills for the workplace demonstrated in integrity and respect in attitude, character, communication, dressing, punctuality...​

Digital Proficiency

Digital proficiency is the ability to utilize digital devices and applications to assess information, process data, communicate, and collaborate with others in getting work done.

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The Industry Skills section provides insights on an array of employability skills sought after in the industry. Most of the Industry Skills takes a clustered approach to bring together two related skills based on skill and expected outcome.

For each skill, you can find more information on its career relevance, the skill in practice as a student, and tips for development, the top industries and career clusters of the relevance of each skill with recommended resources for skill development. Also provided are microlessons on techniques for developing eacskill.

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Industry Skills section, you can learn more about Digital Proficiency as an employability skill with more information on skill tracks, application areas, with tips and resources for improving the skill. Visit Digital Proficiency skill to learn more.