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Anylogic is a simulation modelling software company that enjoys developing best-in-class technologies to help its customers solve the business problems they are facing. AnyLogic software is utilised worldwide in thousands of commercial organisations and academic institutions, including over 40% of Fortune 100 companies.

Their flagship product, AnyLogic, has changed the way people build simulation models and expanded their application in complex business environments. Its unmatched flexibility allows users to capture the complexity of virtually any system at any level of detail.

The industries include Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Marketing, Healthcare, and Mining. And those professionals that use it are; Engineers, Port Agents, Geologists, Nurses, Doctors, etc. 

Anylogic Academic is a program designed to help students get started and continue furthering their skills in AnyLogic modelling. In addition, these resources are designed to support teachers when developing simulation course programs.

They provide an AnyLogic simulation toolkit featuring reading materials, videos, and guidance resources for teachers and students. It is intended to support educational and teaching processes by helping develop simulation skills with hands-on materials.

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Anylogic provides Anylogic cloud for students to use the free AnyLogic Cloud to develop their models online collaboratively, run them remotely, and present simulation results to their peers and teachers. They can also share their models with the Cloud community, dive into the public model library, and learn from others. And also Anylogic PLE and Anylogic academic toolkit for students for free.

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Software provided by Anylogic are Multimethod modelling environment, Animation and visualisation, Industry-specific libraries, etc.

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