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FlexSim is a software company that provides the best 3D simulation software. They are on the cutting edge of process simulation technology, continually developing and progressing to outpace the competition. FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FlexSim) develops state-of-the-art simulation modelling software to analyse, visualise, and improve real-world processes.


FlexSim can help optimise and improve any business process. They have a dynamic solution for any scenario, whether you’re looking for answers in healthcare, manufacturing, material handling, supply chain or logistics. As a high-tech company, they are driven to make bold advancements in its industry, making simulation-generated solutions more valuable, accessible, and easy to use for customers.

The industries include Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Marketing, Healthcare, and Mining. And those professionals that use it are; Engineers, Port Agents, Geologists, Nurses, Doctors, etc. 

Flexsim Academic allows students to use FlexSim in their academic projects and assignments—or learn a little more about one of the most popular commercial simulation modelling packages.

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Flexsim provides Student licences so students can become more familiar with FlexSim—whether for a class project, a capstone/thesis, or just for personal study.

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Software provided by Flexsim are Flexsim HC, +OptQuest, +Expertfit, etc.

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SHS/FlexSim Student Simulation Competition: This is a competition organised by Flexsim for teams of ISE students from around the world to solve a real-world healthcare situational case study using FlexSim Healthcare, 3D simulation software specifically designed for health systems modelling. 

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