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This is the introduction to the programme and a survey of internship readiness.
Module 1: The Case for Industry Experience
This module shares the importance and benefits of acquiring industry experience through an internship; the different types of internships available, and how to prepare for an internship placement.
Module 2: Finding an Internship Placement
This module shares how the industry is structured, how to find organisations for your internship, researching and reaching out to orgranisations, preparing for assessments and interviews, and how to evaluate, negotiate, and accept an internship offer.
Module 3: Starting Out in the Workplace
This module shares how to start your internship on the right footing, integrating at work, and workplace terminologies. You will also learn how to manage your time and expectations, build relationships at work, and overcome imposter syndrome.
Module 4: Essential Skills for Success in the Workplace
This module will introduce you to the technical and soft skill competencies to succeed in the workplace, taking feedback, and asking the right questions. You will also learn how to take note and write reports in the workplace.
Module 5: Internship as a Springboard for Lifelong Career Success
This module shares with you how to leverage your internship for continual learning and development, build your professional network, close your internship and position yourself for future opportunities.
BTU Industry Readiness Programme
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