Demo for Internship
Onboarding and Training


The Access Internship Onboarding and Training programs  is required to commence your internship at Access. It provides insight into Access as a company, an Introduction into the Industry we operate in, and Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness. It also covers Ethics, Compliance, and Workplace Safety. 

  • Introduction to Access
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Units and Subsidiaries
  • The Brand
  • Introduction to the Industry and Key Players
  • Regulators and their Roles
  • Key Terminologies
  • Current Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Time Management
  • Excellence as an Habit
  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Requests and Approvals
  • Privacy and Information Management
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Workplace Safety and Harassment
  • Property and Asset Management

Other Use Cases