Welcome to Module One of the Industry Readiness Program, which is on The Case for Industry Experience. 

This module aims to share the importance and benefits of industry experience through an internship; the different types of internships available, and how to prepare for getting an internship placement.

To achieve the aims of this module, we will cover five topics. These are:

  1. Your Career Journey and the Industry
  2. Entering the Industry as an Intern
  3. Types of Internships and Considerations
  4. Preparing for an Internship Placement
  5. Your CV, Cover Letter, Portfolio and Online Presence

Now, let us get started with Your Career Journey and the Industry.

You may have heard people talk about their careers. Or a career. What is a career? 

A career refers to a person’s long-term, continuous pursuit of professional goals and employment over a period of time. It is a combination of experiences, education, skills, and achievements that make up a person’s professional life. A career typically spans several years or even decades and involves a progression of jobs, positions, or roles within or across industries.

An Industry refers to a field of similar and related businesses and organisations within a sector of the economy. A sector is a combination of related industries. Examples are banking and insurance which are industries within the financial sector. Another example are the telecom and cybersecurity industries within the Information and Community technology sector. The industry you choose to build a career in will shape the skills you acquire, the people you meet, and your financial returns. This decision will have a sizable influence on your career.

For example, working in the consulting industry will provide you opportunities to develop your analytical skills and work on innovative projects. The technology industry allows you to contribute to create solutions that make people more productive. The entertainment industry offers expression and influence in the world of arts and culture. To find more information on industries, opportunities, relevant skills, and how to get into any of them, a guide to Industries as Career Clusters is provided with the internship readiness programme.

Remember, that you would most likely have opportunities to work in multiple industries throughout your career. Your career journey will take you through twists and turns. Seize the opportunities each work experience provides as they can provide a platform to learn more about opportunities in the industry and transition to another. The success of a career is often shaped by the skills you develop, your contributions, the relationships you build, and the opportunities you take or let go. 

One of such opportunities, often at the start of a career and sometimes along the way, is an internship. In the next topic, we look at: Entering the Industry as an Intern.

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Updated on January 30, 2024