Course materials:

  • STAR Method with examples
  • Internship interview video
  • List of job platforms and sites
  • Overcoming objections

Welcome to the second module of the Internship Readiness Program on “Finding an Internship Placement.”

In this module, we will learn how to find internship opportunities leveraging your network and digital platforms, and how to research organisations. We will also learn how to apply, prepare for assessments and interviews, evaluate, negotiate, and accept an internship offer.

To achieve the aims of this module, we will cover five topics. These are:

  1. The Industry Landscape
  2. Finding Organisations for Your Internship
  3. Researching and Reaching Out to Organisations
  4. Preparing for Assessments and Interviews
  5. Evaluating, negotiating, and accepting an Internship Offer

Now, let us get started with the first topic.

Reading Time: 35 seconds.

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Updated on January 30, 2024