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Are you looking for a viable business idea or an area to innovate? You can look through several industries in the Industry Profile section to find more information on Challenges, Opportunities and Research Areas. 

You can also view Recent Trends and the Relevant SDGs to which each industry contributes. In the Tips for Entry tab of each industry, you can view the Tips for Entry section which also provides more information on business opportunities.

You can see the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry sample.

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship section provides resources for refining your ideas and promoting your innovation. One of these is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework—which you can use to find the SDG your innovation aligns with the most in terms of outcomes. 

The majority of organisations that support innovation, grant providers, and impact investors use the SDG framework to evaluate alignment to impact. The SDGs framework is in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship section.

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship section also provides resources for feasibility studies and proof of concepts. Available for these resources are guides, samples, and reusable templates. You can access them in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship section.